The 10 Best Personalized Cat Collars On Amazon

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For all those escape artists ...

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You probably don’t want to think about it — but if the worst should happen and your cat gets lost, it’s important to prepare to make sure she’s returned to you as soon as possible.

Microchipping is a great option to keep track of your cat if she ever escapes. But, to improve the chances of her coming home, you should also equip her with a personalized cat collar. Fortunately, Amazon has a variety of bright, bold and easy-to-read personalized collars that will help your neighbors and community get your BFF back home safe and sound. Here are some of the best.

FlowerTown Personalized Cat Collar

Each FlowerTown personalized cat collar comes with embroidered customization, meaning it’s there for good. You can include your cat’s name and your phone number, and the text will read clearly across the top of the collar. And the cat-shaped breakaway buckle adds yet another layer of cuteness to this colorful accessory.

Custom Catch Personalized Pet Collar

The Custom Catch personalized pet collars are made with soft, engravable leather that comes in several different colors and sizes. Choose from a selection of fonts and add a design if you’d like, and you’re good to go. “I love these collars — you can just tell from the feel that they are going to last a long, long time,'' one pet parent wrote. “I have ordered several collars for my dogs and yes, my cats too. These collars are the ones I'm sticking with for my future pets, not sure these guys will ever need another.”

TagME Breakaway Personalized Cat Collar

The TagME breakaway personalized cat collars come in bright neon colors so that your cat will be seen if she slips away in the dark. Each nylon adjustable collar comes with a stainless steel customizable tag on which you can engrave her name, your number or any other details that are important if she gets loose and is found. Plus, the breakaway buckle ensures she’ll stay out of harm’s way if she gets caught on a low-hanging branch.

GoTags Personalized Cat Collars

These bright, embroidered personalized cat collars from GoTags come in five different hues and can be embroidered with 15 thread colors, making them endlessly customizable. Each collar comes with a bell and a breakaway buckle to keep your cat as safe as possible. “My cat is my world. If I ever lost him, I would have to pitch a tent out on the sidewalk and organize a search team task force,” one five-star reviewer wrote, adding that they love the fact that the wording is large enough to read without having to handle their cat. “My cat was a feral kitten, and is very fearful of strangers. If he got lost, someone can take a photo of the collar and easily find my number, call me, and I’ll come a-runnin’.’”

TagME Personalized Bowtie Collar

TagME also makes personalized cat collars on Amazon that come in festive plaids with an adorable bowtie attached. These collars, like the original, also have stainless steel tags as well as a breakaway buckle. “I couldn't be happier with this collar,” one pet parent wrote. “We haven't had the chance to microchip our kitten yet, so I wanted to make sure she had some form of identification on at all times. I looked at a lot of these collars online … I am so glad I ran across this one.”

M JJYPet Personalized Engraved Pet Collar

These cat collars from M JJYPet look like leather, but they’re actually made from a soft, pliable microfiber that’s lightweight and easy to clean. Each collar comes with a stainless steel engraved plate stamped with the info of your choosing, and the heavy-duty buckle will ensure that the collar stays on and that your cat can’t slip out of it.

Buttonsmith Dots Custom Pet Collar

Polka dots have never looked cuter than they do on the personalized pet collars from Buttonsmith. Great for both dogs and cats, these collars can be customized with fade-proof, permanently-bonded lettering, and will stay put thanks to the rust-proof buckle.

Yellow Dog Design Personalized Pet Collar

Choose from a bunch of fun collar colors, font colors and icons to completely personalize your cat’s new collar from Yellow Dog Design. The customization is actually woven into the collar, meaning it won’t come off, no matter how many times the collar is washed and played in. “I ordered the smallest size and it fit the cat perfectly! Now [my] dog and cat match!” one pet parent wrote. “This company has excellent customer service, and delivery is super fast. I will always recommend this company and will definitely keep buying from them!”

Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

If you already have a cat collar that you and your cat both love, you can easily personalize it with the Leash Boss customizable collar tag. It’s made out of durable stainless steel and is deeply engraved so the etching won’t rub off. And the tag is even “comfort curved” so that your cat won’t notice that she’s wearing it.

LuckyPet Engraved Collar Tag

LuckyPet also makes add-on personalized ID tags that you can add to your cat’s existing collar. These tags are large enough to fit all the information you want others to read if your cat runs away, and you can choose from several different icons and colors to add even more personalization. “Definitely recommend for anyone whose pet will attack their own collar if there's a tag/bell hanging off it,” one pet parent wrote.

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